The Leadership Cliff….Does Anyone Care? Part 1

The fiscal cliff in the US filled all of the major news stands, television, and blogs. Financial and economic writers were all weighing in on the tax increases and deductions. Countless articles described the pending doom that would ultimately effect all most every American household if not resolved by Jan 1st.

It become the Y2K of 2012 (The computer glitch Dec.31st 1999 computers would not be able to switch to 2000). After the deals were made and compromises won, just like Y2K it all faded into the darkness.

I’m concerned that we don’t have nearly as much attention focused on the leadership cliff we went over at least one or more decades ago. Literary, theroitical and practical leadership experts have been educating us on the importance of good leadership since the early 30′s or earlier.

The Peter Druckers of the world enlighten us on how to get the most out of people. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was brought forth in 1954.

Leadership Cliff

Leadership Cliff

Two of my favorite books have been around for at least two decades.The One Minute Manager came out in the 80′s. Dale Carnegie wrote, How to Win Friends and Influence People in the 30′s. Yet we still managed to drive good strong leadership into the abyss as poor incompetent leaders still maintain a great deal of market share.

What good are those leadership giants if the only customer is the preachers choir? How do we impact and influence genuine leadership change that cares about the people, drives innovation, values, vision and mission if our leadership core is weak? How can a board truly make a difference if the leadership can’t lead or there are 500 members, 20 doing majority of the work? People in Chair positions that keep getting elected who aren’t doing anything.

Why blog or write about leadership if the only readers are those who already understand that good leaders are in the minority? I do it and encourage you to do it because ultimately I believe in it. We must ensure more young upcoming leaders buyin. They’re our only hope to preserve and save leadership for the collective. Not leadership just for the sack of saying I’m leading but, leading because we can and we enjoy it.

The difference between the fiscal cliff vs. the leadership cliff is that the leadership cliff want manifest itself like the increases in taxes will. Instead, it will show up like it did this time in dramatic ways such as the factors surrounding derivatives, Bernard Madoff, and others. You can insert anybody that you’ve witnessed, willing to sacrifice any lamb for their on individual gain. To be continued……

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